Multimedia while driving

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Watching anything other than the road is a big NO for drivers. In the previous episode, we spoke about why you shouldn’t have your phone in your hand as you drive, even if you’re not making a call. It’s the same with any other multimedia device. Or even a regular magazine. 
Music or other passive audio entertainment is the best way to stay awake while maintaining focus on the road. Most cars nowadays have steering wheel radio controls, to keep your devices under your thumb easily and without batting an eyelid.

What else should you know about multimedia while driving?

multimedia za jizdy

No one has enough willpower to ignore 100% of visual stimuli. If you tell yourself you’re going to put on a movie and just listen to it, that’s not going to work. Why is an audio book or radio OK? Movie sound effects are meant to attract attention and pique your interest. Audio book sound effects are just complementary.


telefonování za jízdy bezpečná vzdálenost

Technology doesn’t always have to have an adverse impact on our attention as we drive. Mobile phones, tablets and other electronics have features and simplifications that allow us to have fun while on the road or even handle essential communications without having to look away from the road – voice control, in particular. Virtual assistants play your favorite song or handle your text messages.


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