Frequently asked questions

Let’s finally repeat everything. What is the foundation of safe driving? Paying attention to the road, fully concentrating, holding the steering wheel firmly and NOT having anything there that doesn’t belong. It’s an easy task.

What are the other most frequently asked questions?

Telefonování za jízdy

Are you okay to make a phone call with hands-free?

Talking on the phone while driving using hands-free devices is allowed by law, but it significantly distracts drivers and decreases their ability to perceive and react appropriately and in a timely manner. It also worsens peripheral vision and even perception of rearview mirrors, for example. If you don’t have to, avoid talking on the phone while driving, even with hands-free devices.

multimedia za jizdy

What can I do to avoid getting bored while driving, but without it distracting me from driving?

The best option is an audiobook or music. Of course, it is necessary to consider the genre selection as well. Neither lullabies nor aggressive styles, which subconsciously encourage aggressive driving, are ideal.

proč neodkládat věci na sedadlo spolujezdce

Why should I not put things on the passenger seat?

What was firmly in your hand a moment ago can suddenly fly weightlessly and end up in inconvenient places such as in your lap or under the pedals.

únava a mikrospánek

What should I do so that I don't feel like sleeping on the way?

The key is to have good and quality sleep before driving. When you’re already driving, focus on proper seat settings and sitting posture. It is also important to have a well-ventilated cabin with sufficient amount of oxygen. Taking regular breaks to stretch a bit will help get your blood flowing and oxygenated.

ovládání navigace při řízení

How can I set up a route in advance on my navigation system if it keeps changing along the way?

If your route changes during your drive, it’s true that it’s difficult to set it beforehand. However, you can use voice control and dictate the address to the navigation system. If there’s a more complex issue with the route that requires concentration and looking at the map, stop and adjust the route calmly.

vyřizování agendy za jízdy

Can I take care of my business while driving if I'm running late?

During driving, you definitely shouldn’t handle any other matters. Take care of your agenda and documents before or after the trip, or take a break to deal with them. If something unexpected and urgent arises, try using virtual assistants on your phone, which are capable of handling many tasks for you today. Keep your phone securely in the holder while doing this. If you need to take care of anything on paper, don’t do it while driving.

jídlo za jízdy

What's wrong with having lunch while driving?

It’s not good for your health and you’ll enjoy it much more if you take the time to eat in peace. As for driving, keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road instead of on your stomach, so you can react promptly to any situation that may arise. A ham baguette won’t be able to stop for you.


Are delivery drivers required to take breaks?

Maybe it didn’t even occur to you, but even van drivers have mandatory breaks. It’s just that no one checks them like they do with trucks. In combination with a large amount of orders, it often leads to delivery drivers not having enough time for breaks. However, if you want to drive safely, it’s important to take at least a short break even if it means being delayed.