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Don’t forget that you’re a driver first and foremost, not a delivery guy. You’re a professional; your primary focus should be driving, even if you have lots of jobs and stops, route changes and paperwork. There’s seemingly never enough time for everything, a logistical nightmare. What will make things easier for you during the drive is preparing well before the trip. Get everything ready in advance to avoid being disturbed while you drive. Keep your cabin tidy and make sure things are securely fastened. Don’t forget to take breaks, because only a rested driver is a responsible driver.

What else should you know about driving vans?


Hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. It’s almost a cliché. But it makes sense. When everything is going according to plan, it seems unnecessary, but when an unexpected situation catches you out while you’re driving, you need to see it and deal with it in time. You can’t do that with your phone in your hand or while you’re setting up the navigation or flipping through customer lists on a clipboard.


Not all drivers are under the same scrutiny as truckers. It’s up to the driver of the van to make sure their eyes don’t start to glaze over while driving. It’s not always easy when impatient customers are on your back. That makes it all the more important to listen to your body, take a break, stretch, get some fresh air, have a coffee. A fresh driver is a responsible driver.

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