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Be clear about what your car can do. Who wouldn’t want one of those newfangled modern machines. Today’s trucks are packed with features and assistance systems. Some are purely for convenience, some for safety. Such as adaptive cruise control, turn assist, emergency braking, blind-spot sensor and many more. But none of this is any good if you don’t know how to use it, understand what it actually means, where to turn it on or off. You might not be used to a type of car, where the features are different from what you usually drive.

What else should you know about controlling additional features while driving?

ovládání provozních funkcí automobilu

What’s the emergency braking system for? It’s a system that uses sensors to monitor whether there is an obstacle ahead and calculates whether a collision is imminent so it can brake for you. Yes, that seems pretty obvious from the name, but could you determine if your car can do this, and where to check if it’s enabled? There is no shame in consulting the manual.

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A modern truck cabin often resembles a cockpit of an airplane – lots of buttons, lights and levers. What if you need to reach out for a drink and accidentally hit a switch? By then it’s too late to get acquainted with the new car. Go over everything before you get your shiny new car moving, so nothing catches you by surprise while you’re driving.

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