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It’s not always the person who does the most tasks at once that gets the most done. This is doubly true for driving. You should not engage in any other activities while driving. Definitely don’t deal with an agenda while you drive. You won’t have time to drive safely if you’re rooting through papers.
If you know you have things you really need to look at on the road, keep them in electronic format. Such as a voice-controlled tablet fixed in a holder.

What else should you know about handling your agenda on the move?

vyřizování agendy za jízdy

A person usually has two hands only and driving requires them both. If you have your hands full with folders, papers or who knows what else, there’s no room for a steering wheel. Not to mention the fact that, unlike the hands, the eyes can’t really multitask. And likewise, concentration is not easily divided either. This means that if an unexpected situation occurs along the way, you won’t have time to react quickly enough.

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We’re all short on time sometimes. Catching up and doing last-minute tasks while driving won’t cut it. What helps is organizing your time. If you can’t do it in the office, do some of it before you set off, some of it when you reach your destination, and as for the rest, maybe take a break with refreshments before continuing.

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