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Do not set the navigation while driving. Is it worth risking your health or life to save a minute of your time? No, it isn’t. If you need to adjust your navigation, do it before you set off. If you don’t have any other option, use voice control to set the address instead of tapping the screen.
It’s also important to use a navigation system that is adapted to the vehicle you are driving. For truckers, for example, there are special navigation systems that prevent them from getting into places where they can get stuck, such as low underpasses… 

What else should you know about working with navigation on the move?

ovládání navigace při řízení

As a driver, you should never take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel, unless it’s to shift gear. And, of course, setting up your navigation is not just a quick glance away. You have to type in the address, correct typos, choose from same streets in different cities and so on. If you absolutely have to do it while driving, use voice-controlled navigation. 

navigace pro truckery

There are many places where trucks are not allowed, or where they can’t even fit, such as narrow city streets or low underpasses, from which there is often no way out without assistance. Fortunately, there are special trucker navigation systems that plan the journey with the type and size of vehicle in mind, so that you and other commuters arrive safe and sound and on time.

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