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A tired driver is a distracted and dangerous driver. Not to mention a sleeping driver. This is why truckers, among others, have to take mandatory breaks. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most other drivers. The first thing to do is to listen to your body and not be ashamed to take a break in time. Some of the first signs of fatigue include frequent blinking muscle and head twitches… Some cars nowadays have sensors that can detect these and other symptoms and suggest a break. In addition to getting enough rest, there are also tricks to get rid of fatigue before it creeps up on you.

What else should you know about fatigue and microsleep?

jak se bránit mikrospánku

A sound mind in a sound body. This is also true of driving. When you adjust your seat correctly, it’s good not only for your back. If you put your body in a healthy posture, it’ll reward you. It will resist fatigue for much longer and you’ll always feel fresh. A sufficient supply of oxygen also helps. Open the windows from time to time and let the stale air out and some fresh air in.


jak se bránit mikrospánku

Remember how you felt after your last holiday lunch at grandma’s? You probably rolled onto the couch afterwards, exhausted and rested there for a while with heavy eyes. When you know you’re going to be behind the wheel instead of on the couch, choose something lighter to eat. Above all, get a good night’s sleep on the evening before a longer drive rather than a wild night at the bar.

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